Border Crisis Help 

We are overwhelmed with grief and anger at the humanitarian crisis and migrant deaths taking place at our border. Like many, we feel helpless. What could we possibly do? We aren’t always sure of the answers, but for now: ⁣

We commit to speak out about the evils taking place at our border. We commit to keep our congregation compassionately educated and informed. We commit to political engagement for the sake of change. We commit to put our money where our mouth is. We commit to keep our eyes open so that we can meet whatever needs possible. Facing these realities are tough, but we will continue in this work anyway because we believe this is our duty as people of faith. ⁣

Below are a few ways we can make our “thoughts and prayers” active: 


Small Churches that have been directly and extensively hosting asylum seekers:


  • Call your elected officials, and tell your family and friends to do the same! 
  • Consider joining us this October for a border immersion trip to El Paso: Dates are October 23-26. Email for more details.