At Peace, we strive to live into the kin-dom of God on earth, which we think looks like healthy and whole community. While we appreciate a good dose of tradition, we also acknowledge how it can keep churches bound. We believe Spirit is living and moving, and we are inclined to jump into its divine flow. So in 2020, our New Year’s resolution is to reimagine sacred community – free from fear, comparison, and hierarchical structures. 

One way we are doing this is through Feed Your Soul Sundays. Each first Sunday of the month, we will intentionally break from our weekly gathering and instead host a dinner in someone’s home on the previous Thursday. Here we will grant space for a more intimate communion experience. We grant space for those who are suspicious of church services. We grant space for those who work on weekends. We grant space for those who need extra time with family. We grant sacred space, and meanwhile, we give the gift of time back to our people. 

We have a laundry list of reasons why we think this is an idea that works for us, and they are all full of energy and hope. There’s no fear or discouragement, but rather a sense of excitement as we consider all the ways our community will expand. One pro to working on a pennies-budget is that we are able to critique the church honestly and then act accordingly. A pro to not having full time staff or a building is the freedom to reclaim and imagine anew unhindered. At Peace, we are not bound by politics or payroll.

Come join us to learn more because this is only the beginning of our reimagining. And if you are into spaces that love love, love Jesus and hate hierarchy and shame, then you might appreciate what our unicorn-church is up to. We are building something beautiful, and you’re invited. 

Note: We continue to love the sacred art we create on Sundays. We have rad music that is lovingly curated, beautiful liturgy and a collection of voices speaking truth to power in every one of our sermons. Come check us out!