Sundays at Peace 

At Peace we are a small and vibrant community. We acknowledge our limited resources through creative and imaginative problem solving. Our Sunday rhythm reflects this, as well as our continued commitment to create meaningful pockets of community across Williamson County. 

Please note that any Sunday we meet, we are also streaming on Facebook and Youtube. 

First Sundays 

  • Almost every first Sunday (with the exception of the Advent season and Easter Sunday) we pause all programming. We call it Feed Your Soul Sunday, and we encourage our small, but mighty community to rest and find joy in the open space. 

In person Sundays 

  • Twice a month (most often on the second and fourth Sundays) we meet in person for a collective Sunday morning worship gathering. We meet at 10 am at the Texas Hall in Round Rock. 

Watch Parties

  • Once a month (usually the 3rd Sunday) we meet in smaller groups hosted in homes across Williamson county and the Austin area metro. Here, we have breakfast, watch a live stream of the sermon together, and have deeper discussion and connection.
  • Sign ups (with limited spots in each location) go out on our social media channels and in the email newsletter on the week leading up to each watch party. Contact to get on our email list. 

5th Sunday Service

  • Our 5th Sundays are devoted to service in the community. We meet on or around the fifth Sunday for a communal service project. Again, get on our email list or follow us on social media to keep up with the life of our community! 


  • We adapt our summer schedule to reflect the needs of our community. Watch Parties on 2nd and 3rd Sundays. In person on 4th Sundays. Everything else is the same. This schedule runs June through August.