Does our church love hurting people?

I saw a church marquee that had a chuckle-worthy tagline. It said: St. So-and-so Church: “We love hurting people.” I think what the church means by this tagline is that they are a church that loves people who are hurting. The anguished English on the sign makes me giggle, but when I get past the […]

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A Grace Welcome on Resurrection Sunday

We have been immersed in the somber, penitential season of Lent for quite some time now, and all last week we reflected on the events that led to the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. So what a joy it is to have finally reached this place of celebration as we come together […]

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Caught Up In My Own Snare

This page was blank. It had endless possibilities: Pictures, foreign words, scribbles, symbols. Now it has ink on it. No eraser. Pen stains. Words trap. Our pen marks name that which is not ours. The limitless superfluous pace is shrinking. The infinite imagination of white space still exists But the parameters I created are now […]

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How do I see?

The sky is fickle: Bright then dark. I need some sunshine to ignite my track. Without clarity how will purpose find meaning? Without glasses what will I miss? With no light to illuminate vision I dwell but overlook the present. The night has as much power as the day But only if I close my […]

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The Grace in Grace Baptist Church

It’s right there, front and center in our name, “Grace.” It’s a catchy word. A buzzword. One of those words that, unfortunately, has become thin because of flippant use, but certainly not because of its substance. This is seen when we consider its Greek form, Charis (khar’-ece), which carries a range of meanings, including grace, […]

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