A Grace Welcome: Playing Hide and Seek with God

Good morning and welcome to Grace. Here at Grace we follow what’s called the “church year,” or “liturgical year” or “liturgical calendar.” Just as some organizations have a fiscal year that’s different from the calendar year, we have a spiritual year that’s different from the calendar year. The American calendar year has its seasons: New […]

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Faithfulness over Success

Halfway through our first year as a church, a little bit of pressure started to mount: Should our membership be increasing at a quicker rate? How will we pay the bills? What will I say to people who think we haven’t reached as many people as they think we should? I went to a CBF […]

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A Grace Welcome: Nicknames

This week I found myself thinking about nicknames. I’ve had many nicknames over the years, but the nickname that has stuck with me longest with my oldest friends and family is simply “Rae”. When I started playing t-ball, the other little kids had trouble pronouncing my name, so my dad told the coach they could […]

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A Grace Welcome: For Memorial Day

There are these people. A certain segment of our population. Looking at the statistics, you can’t help but think these are significantly disadvantaged and greatly underserved people. Within this population 22 people commit suicide every day. This means a person takes his or her own life every 65 minutes. On any given night, there are almost […]

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The Grace in Grace Baptist Church

It’s right there, front and center in our name, “Grace.” It’s a catchy word. A buzzword. One of those words that, unfortunately, has become thin because of flippant use, but certainly not because of its substance. This is seen when we consider its Greek form, Charis (khar’-ece), which carries a range of meanings, including grace, […]

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