A Sunday at Grace

People look for different things in a church. Places of worship are selected based on membership numbers, worship style, number and quality of children’s activities, denominational affiliation or meaningful preaching. Me, I’m looking for a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. If you have never been to a NA meeting I strongly recommend it. Open meetings can be found online and when it comes time for introductions, give your first name and state you are present to listen.

The beauty of self-help groups is they are comprised of a group of people with a common spiritual condition that requires intervention, a common goal and the willingness and desire to do whatever is necessary to support each other in reaching that goal. In short, self-help groups function as the body of Christ should function. No one is ostracized for his or her appearance. No one is told they can’t be part of the group till they have their behavior under control. No one is shamed because of past mistakes or current struggles. Everyone is compassionate because everyone remembers there have been times when they have needed compassion. This is what I look for in a church and this is what I have found here at Grace.

This morning, with this group of people, you are safe. You will not experience judgment. You will not experience finger wagging. You will not experience shaming or a guilt trip. You will experience graciousness, kindness, laughter and compassion. We are glad you are here. Welcome to Grace.


Valerie is a member of Grace. She loves her husband, 3 dogs, reading and hot tea.