Matthew Hanzelka

From the CBF Blog: Round table discussion with CBF church start pastors

The following is a round-table discussion among the pastors of CBF church start, Grace Baptist Church, in Round Rock, Texas. This post was originally published on the CBF Blog.  Question: What has been your greatest joy in planting Grace Baptist Church? Kyle: I cherish participating in our vision becoming reality. There is nothing more fulfilling so […]

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A Grace Welcome: Playing Hide and Seek with God

Good morning and welcome to Grace. Here at Grace we follow what’s called the “church year,” or “liturgical year” or “liturgical calendar.” Just as some organizations have a fiscal year that’s different from the calendar year, we have a spiritual year that’s different from the calendar year. The American calendar year has its seasons: New […]

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The Grace in Grace Baptist Church

It’s right there, front and center in our name, “Grace.” It’s a catchy word. A buzzword. One of those words that, unfortunately, has become thin because of flippant use, but certainly not because of its substance. This is seen when we consider its Greek form, Charis (khar’-ece), which carries a range of meanings, including grace, […]

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A Grace Welcome: First Sunday of Lent

Good morning and welcome to Grace Baptist Church. I’d also like to welcome you to a new season in our church year: “Lent.” Our calendar year began on January 1st, but our church year or liturgical year began a month prior to Christmas with Advent: The expectation or anticipation of the coming of Christ. Of […]

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A Grace Welcome

Grace has been meeting publicly for a year now. And we’ve been doing it not because it’s our tradition to do so – because we are new – but because we are drawn here this morning by the resurrected and living Jesus Christ. This is the center that holds us together. We don’t have fences […]

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A welcome for Grace: On Aurelia’s ordination

Good morning and welcome to Grace Baptist Church. I would especially like to welcome our guests here this morning. Thank you for making the trip to be with us and celebrate this wonderful morning with our church and with this one we love, Aurelia. We’re in our 2nd week of Advent, that season wherein we take the […]

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