The Shining Word “And”

A poem from The Naked Now, by Richard Rhor:  “And” teaches us to say yes “And” allows us to be both-and “And” keeps us from either-or “And” teaches us to be patient and long-suffering “And” is willing to wait for insight and integration “And” keeps us from dualistic thinking “And” does not divide the field […]

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Caught Up In My Own Snare

This page was blank. It had endless possibilities: Pictures, foreign words, scribbles, symbols. Now it has ink on it. No eraser. Pen stains. Words trap. Our pen marks name that which is not ours. The limitless superfluous pace is shrinking. The infinite imagination of white space still exists But the parameters I created are now […]

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How do I see?

The sky is fickle: Bright then dark. I need some sunshine to ignite my track. Without clarity how will purpose find meaning? Without glasses what will I miss? With no light to illuminate vision I dwell but overlook the present. The night has as much power as the day But only if I close my […]

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A prayer for Grace Baptist: the Traffic is Loud

The traffic is loud; Not just here, but in our lives.   The hustle of commitment is overwhelming. Jobs and hobbies; projects and responsibilities, even in their slowness, are jammed together like a car in traffic; the movement is teasing; the stopping, abrupt.   And we are surrounded by honking and beeping, and shouting and […]

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